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Our Services
Our Tri-State Service Area

Here are the many quality services we offer:

Fertilization Programs:

Our Full Program: Consists of six lawn treatments throughout the season. The applications are applied using professionaly formulated products that are specific for our geographical area. They are applied by our trained professionals and are generally applied over 5-7 multiple week intervals to maximize the best results for your lawn. Using granular fertilizer to promote better root growth and proper feeding of the lawn. Utilizing state of the art industry technology, we incorporate the slow release nitrogen fertilizers to promote a more balanced feeding of your lawn. Also the fertilizer contains the proper levels of phosphorus and potassium for the root development and for the health and vigor of the lawn.

Round 1: This is the first application of the season which is a fertilizer with pre-emergent to help the lawn with proper levels of nitrogen for the green up of your lawn also this treatment provides the pre-emergent for your lawn. The pre-emergent actually forms a barrier to control crabgrass and various other monocots and or dicots from emerging the soil surface.

Round 2: Our round two application will be a complete weed control application applying either a liquid herbicide for the quick result action or a granular product to help with the control of general broadleaf (dicot) weeds. We access the lawn condition and if needed we also will apply a balanced granular fertilizer application.

Round 3: Our round three application is a proper balance of fertilizers along with weed control for the early summer.

Round 4: Our round four application is a proper balance of fertilizers along with weed control for the late summer application. The fertilizer we apply will help the lawn during the stress of the summer heat. Because of the proper nitrogen levels, as well as the patented products with a poly or urea coating we use, and the slow release technology these will not cause any burn to the lawn.

Round 5: Our round five application is the early fall fertilizer. This application will help to provide the proper nutrients to the lawn to help with root density and proper feeding of the lawn. Weed treatments are also done at this time.

Round 6: The round six application is the winterize fertilizer treatment. This application is very essential for the lawn to have the nutrients to survive through the bitter temperatures throughout the winter season. Weed treatments at this time will be done if our technicians find any of the winter annuals emerging, or if there are weeds present.
Superior Program: Our Superior program will provide you with all of the services of our full program, and will also incorporate grub control as well as a fall lawn aeration to provide your lawn with a total package of superior products and services.

Basic Fertilizer Program: Our basic fertilize program will give you a 4 application program that will still provide you with our Round 1 pre-emergent application, our Round 2 complete weed control, our Round 4 summer fertilizer application and, our Round 6 the very important winterizer application. These treatments are generally applied over multiple 7-9 week intervals to provide you with the best possible benefits for your lawn.

Grub Control: The grubs are the larvae of the adult beetle. After the beetles mate, they lay eggs in the soil. When the eggs hatch and the larvae begin their life cycle, they will begin to feed on your lawn roots. Through the life cycle progression and the feeding on the roots, the grubs will be destroying the turf! Grub damage can usually be determined by noticing brown patches of turf in the lawn and/or sections of the turf that are easy to pull back (almost like being able to pull up a freshly laid piece of sod for example). Our preventive method is applying the treatment just prior to the eggs hatching. However we also have a curative product that can be applied to stop the grubs in their tracks.

Surface Insect Control: We offer a surface insect control application to control various pests. We also have flea and tick application programs available.

Lime Treatment: In some situations lime treatments are necessary to raise the ph level in soils. In our region the ideal ph range is going to be around 6.5 to at most 7.0, which is neutral (7.0 being neither acidic or alkaline). The soil ph is important because this determines the rate of ease in which the turf grass can absorb vital nutrients. Therefore with a low ph level, you may want to consider a lime application.

Sulfur Treatment: Our sulfur treatment would only be necessary if you had a high ph level. You would then want to add a sulfur treatment to lower this.

Soil Testing: This is the process of taking various soil samples, usually probing the soil, and having the samples analyzed to determine the ph levels and the other vital nutrients available for the turf grass within the soil. This allows us to better custom tailor your program for your lawn's needs.

Customized Fertilize Programs: Our goal is to provide you with the services that you would like or that your lawn needs. We are always happy to customize a program specifically for you based on your needs and wants. Please feel free to ask us about them at anytime!

Grub control, core aeration, fungicide treatments or, any other treatments requested can be performed as an la carte service with any other program.

Landscape Maintenance Services:

Core aeration: Using mechanical devices the aerator will pull cores of soil (generally 1-3 cores) that will fall upon the top layer of grass. No need to worry about the cores as they will actually break down in a relatively short time, serve as a top dressing and, keep your valuable nutrients still on your lawn. After the cores have been pulled the lawn will actually be able to breathe better. The process of aeration will allow oxygen and nutrients to reach the root zone which will in turn help the turf increase root density and improve the overall health of the lawn. Aeration is also one of the best cultural practices that you can do to reduce thatch build up and help with the prevention of numerous turf diseases. Fall is generally the time that we do our aerations, although we will provide this service upon request of our customers. There are a few specific times of the year you would not want this service performed. Examples of poor times would be during the winter when temperatures have been below 32 degrees for several days making the ground too hard or, during extremely dry hot periods that lack rainfall again making the ground too hard.

Ornamental Weed Control: This is our weed control for ornamental beds. We offer either a pre-emergent herbicide or, we can provide you with a selective or non selective herbicide treatment to maintain your landscape beds.

Slice Seeding: This seeding process is performed by using a machine that actually cuts vertical grooves in the soil and then drops the seed directly into those grooves. This will allow for best results when seeding because the seed is already in the soil as opposed to simply seeding on the surface. After a few rains the grooves will be filled back covering the soil. Normally we also apply a starter lawn fertilizer which contains a higher level of phosphorus, the nutrient needed to aid the development of the roots and promote germination.

Over seeding: This service is usually best performed by a broadcast spreader after an aeration has been completed. The seeds are spread over the top of the existing surface whether it be established turf or bare soil. We recommend having the lawn aerated first for better results or, cultivating the soil if this is a new lawn or bare areas need to be seeded.

Sodding: The installation of sod will provide you with an instant lawn or green space! The benefit of this is if you require immediate coverage of the soil. Using sodding, this can be accomplished rather quickly. We recommend proper soil cultivation and or grading prior to sod install. When installing sod on hills and slopes, we use staples to the hold the newly laid sod in place. Sod should not be mowed until the roots have taken hold to the soil! This is generally 3 weeks or so after install.

Proper maintenance of all seeded and or sod jobs is essential for your turf's health and successful development following proper cultural practices and watering!

Mowing Service: Our mowing service includes regularly scheduled, timely property visits that include policing grounds for debris and/or minimal trash. We will mow all turf areas and use string trimmers around all structures, obstacles, beds, walks, etc. We will then use blowers to remove any clippings from all non turf areas, drives, walks, etc.

Landscape Services:

Other landscape services we offer include the following:
  • New landscape design and installation
  • Shrub and or tree installation
  • Landscape renovations
  • Turf renovations
  • Shrub and small tree trimming
  • Spring clean up
  • Mulching
  • Bed maintenance
  • Fall clean up (leaf removal)
Miscellaneous Services:

These are services we can also help to provide through our business and resources of professional sub-contractors we have worked with in the past.
  • Irrigation installation, design and, maintenance
  • Landscape lighting
  • Sidewalk/Driveway pressure washing
  • Deck pressure washing
  • Roof pressure washing
  • Home siding pressure washing

New Holiday Lighting and Decor Sales and Installation Service
We're proud to announce Dreamscapes Unlimited can now offer installation of your holiday lighting and decorations! And if you'd like to add to your decoration ensamble, we can offer a variety of festive decorations at highly competitive prices. Please contact us with your decorating needs or for further details!

Discounts and Specials:
  • 5% off all services for Active Duty Military and Veterans!
  • 5% off all services for seniors (65+)

Dreamscapes Unlimited
Cincinnati, Ohio: 513-734-2641